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Spuds and the crock of gold

GillBooks, 2019
How will Spuds solve the mystery of his missing crock of gold, and what is to be done about his allergy to Steve, his pet mouse? This is the second book in the popular series about Spuds the leprechaun. Spuds and the Spider was the first.

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Spuds and the spider

GillBooks, 2018
Spuds is just an ordinary, everyday leprechaun, living life quietly with his wife, Rose. He’s not easily upset. In fact, there’s only one thing that Spuds hates, and that’s spiders. So he wasn’t happy when Leggers McWeb arrived at Toadstool Cottage...

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Le origini del canto della stella

Ed. Chorus, 2019
The star who appeared to the three king wanted to be a singer and be famous. The untold story behind the very traditional and popular legend of the kings coming from the far east to adore the child in the cave of Bethlem.

Daniele Archimede

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In a world where maybe things are not exactly how we've imagined them...

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I'm an italian illustrator based in Milan. I began drawing and painting as soon as I was able to hold pencils and brushes in my hands.

I completed my higher education in Graphic and Visual Arts in Milan and shortly afterwards I started working in the area of new media communication and web design. I have attended courses and masterclasses of illustration, drawing and painting in Italy as well as in Ireland and I received a Master Degree in Applied Arts at the "Scuola Superiore d'Arte Applicata del Castello Sforzesco" in Milan ("Milan Superior School of Applied Arts"), with a specialization in mural decoration and fresco painting.

I published two illustrated books by Gill & MacMillan: the great success “Spuds ans the spider”, in march 2018, written by Seamus O'Conaill and “Spuds and the crock of gold” in February 2019, by the same author.

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